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Hi, I’m Suelen Sukhram

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I believe if you live healthy you’ll feel good, live more and be happy.

Happiness is a few things: it’s different for everyone, it’s not always easy to attain, and most importantly it is a choice.  We all want to find and hold on to it because happy feels good, but we don’t always know how to get to happy and we’re not always willing to make the changes to be happy…you have a choice. My passion is to help people find and hold on to their happiness and I 100% believe we cannot achieve this if your body, brain and mind are not healthy. This is why I teach people how to navigate through all the symptoms they are experiencing in order to identify and address root causes so they can feel good, live more and be happy.


I wasn’t in a very good place before my journey to health and happiness started.

We all have a story, right?

But there was no going back once I realized the true path to finding long and lasting happiness was through optimizing how my body, brain and mind functions. I guess you can say I upgraded from Suelen Version 1.0 to Suelen Version 2.0  and as time goes on I keep giving myself the gift of upgrades….

…because to stop growing and improving is the clearest path to nowhere.

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Keep scrolling down if you want to feel good, live more and be happy…

…what will I do for you that you’ve struggled with doing on your own

…how will I help you to get those improvements you’ve been aiming for

…how is using my methodology going to help you!


…the path to


Health & Happiness starts with


putting out fires

Inflammation is associated with EVERY disease and dis-ease. It is a primary driver of ill-health. 

All aspects of “lifestyle” affect your whole self – body, brain, mind. Unfortunately sometimes we fall into the trap of lifestyle practices that cause inflammation in the body. It’s a slippery slope and and an easy one one to get trapped in.

When we shift your focus to addressing this primary drivers your health will naturally improve .

Yes, everything else will get better!

But it inflammation is the only worry. We must consider the lifestyle stressors causing the inflammation.

The connection - Stress. Inflammation. Lifestyle.

Chronic inflammation and stress, which are largely driven by lifestyle factors, are tightly connected like a spider to its web. The web traps prey which feeds the spider. When lifestyle factors promote stress instead of effective stress management, in the long term, whether that stress is emotional or physiological, your body produces an inflammatory response.


→ Inflammation causes stress. Stress causes inflammation.

→ Chronic stress (the type you don’t manage well…the type that is consistent) causes chronic inflammation physiologically.

→ Chronic inflammation leads to chronic stress psychologically.

→ The main drivers of stress are lifestyle factors and inflammation.

→ Inflammation is present in all disease development.


Persistent stress elicits a chronic inflammatory response feeding dis-ease and disease development

Do you want to feel good, live more and be happy? If your answer is no…well you’re weird. If it’s YES your lifestyle must support your health. A lifestyle that promotes chronic stress does not support your health, and while stress is unavoidable in the best of times, if not managed, will result in chronic inflammation which in turn promotes more stress. It is a vicious cycle you don’t want to be in.


No surprise here. What you choose to eat is a key factor of health.

There is so much about food that can be healthy and unhealthy….supportive or destructive. When you purposefully choose foods that nourish the cells in your body, you choose health and happiness.

I’m not saying here that you can’t have your cake and eat it. You definitely can eat your cake! But knowing what’s best to put inside your body most of the time to fuel it and nourish it makes a HUGE difference for your lifelong well-being.

The thing about diet however is that one type does not fit all. You could be identical twins yet respond differently to the same foods.

So find the foods that work for YOUR body.


Another non-surprise. But non-movement will seriously result in non-improvement. And the research to back-up the benefits of exercise and effects of no exercise is plentiful.

Regular movement is key!

And the types of exercise you choose to do is also key!


Your environment is the surroundings and conditions you live in. It goes beyond caring about plastics and green house gases. It’s much more intimate.

Within your environment you breathe, absorb and ingest. 

Air, personal care products, cleaning products, pesticides and other chemicals in food…all of it is important.

Emotions & Emotional Connections

Surprise!  Finally we step away from the regular “you are what you eat” and “you must exercise to be healthy”.

Diet and exercise, albeit ubber important for a healthier and happier you, your emotional well being is a major deal breaker. Why? Because emotional well being gets into the nitty-gritty of your feelings…yes your feelings! Your emotional strength and resilience, your aptitude for gratitude, your ability to not sweat the small stuff, your focus and clarity…all the feeling things.

Your feelings can bring about peace, harmony, love and bliss, or it can bring STRESS.

You want eustress not distress!

Emotional connections, the other deal breaker, is literally about your connections with people. Connection is an innate human need. We are not meant to be lone creatures lurking in our homes staring at screens or wondering about in the outside world without communicating with other people.

Emotional connections is about sex, love and to be super cheesy…rock n’ roll.

Honest Results!

This is a no B.S approach to helping you make the changes you need to feel good, live more and be happy.

The results you will see and feel won’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking for a quick fix my system isn’t for you.

It won’t be painful. In fact it will likely be easier than you expect, but it needs your commitment and time to get lasting results.

Conventional Medical Approach or Functional Nutrition?

Know the difference!

What is the medical conventional approach?

Doctors are awesome. I’ve come across some great docs in my lifetime…some not so great ones too, but let’s be honest, they do life saving work! So for acute care, awesome!

My only issue with the conventional doctor is the system! The system rests heavily on the “treat the symptom” approach to get you out the door fast. Functional nutrition rests heavily on the “addressing root cause” approach. The conventional approach to health focuses on band-aiding symptoms because it favours fast turnover rates, i.e. see as many patients as you can in a day because there are so many to see (and so much money to make?)!

In my opinion the conventional system is too reactive when it really should be proactive. It seems to prefer waiting until something is broken instead of ensuring plans are in place to stops things from breaking. When I’ve reached to the point of “broken” and critical care is required, I want a medical doctor pronto, but I’d just rather not wait for that to happen.

The conventional system also seems to support the “single-system” health intervention. But your body has a number of systems that affect each other. It is multifaceted and complicated as hell because your body functions are dependent not just on “body” functions but your entire ecosystem – body, mind, brain, energy, environment.  

Functional Nutrition

There is no standard mold. 

Sees you as a unique individual with nuances to your symptoms and how they’re affecting how your body, brain and mind is functioning. 

Considers all systems in your body and how one system affects others.

 Focuses on finding the underlying causes of your symptoms. No band-aids.

 Applies methodology that has been proven to get results. No gimmicks. No fads. Simple lifestyle modifications that work for you.

 Works with you to develop and make lifestyle modifications that are manageable to improve your health.

Knows that for you to have success the system must be manageable not painful.

✽ Focuses on all the things… 

 ♦ Diet  Movement  Emotions & Emotional Connections ♦ Environment

Get on your Happy path!




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