Partially Hydrogenated Oils – What can they do for you?

Partially Hydrogenated OilsIt is truly fantastic how easy it is to access information. Information is literally at our fingertips. The information on hydrogenation of oils is abundant and its serious debilitating effects on the human body are undeniable. Numerous studies have been done on the hydrogenation of oils.  All of these studies produce the same results yet still many people are either unaware of the dangers of hydrogenation, or are aware and stupidly choose to ignore the warnings.    This is unfathomable because the information is clear – studies prove that partially hydrogenated oils are UNHEALTHY.

Facts on Hydrogenation You Should Know:

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Almond Milk – It gets a bad rap, but should it?

Almond Milk gets a bad rap, but should it?


You know all those Got Milk ads right? I like them.  I wish they would say Got Almond Milk?  I don’t normally drink cow’s milk but the vision of a glass milk just appeals to me.  It always looks so refreshing and healthy.  It tastes great and has lots of nutrients.  I would probably give my kid cow’s milk if I had one (not chocolate milk which has too much added sugar).  Instead of cow’s milk I drink cashew milk or almond-coconut milk….the store bought kind.  Now herein lies the problem….. Continue reading “Almond Milk – It gets a bad rap, but should it?”