Hi, my name is Suelen.  I am a blogger, runner, project management professional and nutritional consultant. I am interested in everything about healthy living, from eating to exercise and everything in between.

My passion is to inspire everyone to live healthy and love it. Join me on the healthy path. It’s easier than you think.



My journey started out at 5 feet 2 1/4 inches and 139 lbs. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and in my own fat. I was unhappy. I started to run again, do p90x and started making healthier food choices, but it wasn’t enough. I managed to lose 13 lbs. over 2 years, but I was still uncomfortable, it wasn’t enough. One morning after a bad break-up and a particularly strong session of wallowing in self-pity I saw a points-based weight loss program advertisement on TV featuring a very famous singer/actress. I was impressed with her success and decided then and there that if she can do it so can I. It started and 3 months later I was down 19 lbs. I was too thin at 107 lbs., ha! too thin! never thought I would ever say that…but I digress, I purposely gained back some weight and have since then maintained a healthy weight of between 113 – 115 lbs.; I am comfortable. BUT, was I healthy?

While I applaud the points-based weight loss program on teaching portion control and how to make tons better food choices I slowly began to learn that not all of the recommendations in the program were in fact healthy, and from there my obsession with my own weight blossomed into an obsession in the pursuit of health and happiness. I truly believe that leading a healthy lifestyle helps you to be happy. I believe it because I experience it every day. So for me choosing to be healthy is really a no-brainer, but it’s not always easy to know what is healthy and what is right for you. I’d like to help you with that.

Live Healthy…Be Happy,