Oh Avocado, how I love thee!


I started loving avocados only about 5 years ago. Before then I tried eating one but didn’t like the texture and found it tasteless. But as I learned more about the fantastic health benefits of the avocado I really wanted to like this thing and so tried again and the real delicious awesomeness of the avocado was found when I sprinkled one with salt. HOLY TOLEDO my life hence forth has never been the same….a tad dramatic? Sprinkled with salt for the first time, I stood there in my kitchen alone eating an entire avocado and so my love affair began. It was just me and the avocado. Sadly I had only the one avocado at the time so it was only 5 minutes of taste bud bliss. Continue reading “Oh Avocado, how I love thee!”

Partially Hydrogenated Oils – What can they do for you?

Partially Hydrogenated OilsIt is truly fantastic how easy it is to access information. Information is literally at our fingertips. The information on hydrogenation of oils is abundant and its serious debilitating effects on the human body are undeniable. Numerous studies have been done on the hydrogenation of oils.  All of these studies produce the same results yet still many people are either unaware of the dangers of hydrogenation, or are aware and stupidly choose to ignore the warnings.    This is unfathomable because the information is clear – studies prove that partially hydrogenated oils are UNHEALTHY.

Facts on Hydrogenation You Should Know:

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