Healthy Body…build a good foundation – Follow the 80:20 Rule

A slender body is not an indicator of a healthy body, nor is having a body rippling with muscles an indicator of health.  What you put in your body directly impacts your health whether you’re skinny, slender, overweight or bulging with muscles.  The negative effect of feeding your body with unhealthy toxic food regularly will eventually show it’s ugliness in your body and it will affect your life.  You may not see it or feel it today, but it will catch up with you; it’s usually a sneaky cumulative effect.  However by supplying your body with healthy food and maintaining a lifestyle that supports overall health you give your body and by extension yourself the opportunity to thrive.  This is a simple and well known truth.  Why would you deny yourself of this?

Simple and well known truth extended:

  1. What you put in your body is your choice.  The only person who can force you to drink your cream and sugar with a little coffee, eat that sugar coated donut, that toxic laden fast food burger and fries or all the food seasoned with sauces that contain ingredients we cannot pronounce and then cooked in hydrogenated oils is yourself.  Choose wisely.
  2. If you choose to regularly feed your body unhealthy food and every now and then you go on a health binge the net effect won’t be so great.   It takes time to undo the bad.
  3. If you build a good foundation by eating healthy regularly the net effect will help you.

Now I’m a realist, I don’t avoid sugar and fries all the time.  Doing that would likely lead me to insanity with cravings that are difficult to control, but I do avoid unhealthy food most of the time.

I’ll repeat – Choose to eat healthy most of the time.  What is most of the time?  I recommend following the 80:20 rule.  80% healthy food: 20% treats.  I recommend doing the 80% healthy during the week and throwing caution to the wind a bit on the weekends.  That’s how I do it.  If that plan doesn’t work for you, no problem, change it to whatever works for you as long as you are following the basic principle which is “healthy most of the time; splurge once in a while”.


Live Healthy…Be Happy,


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