Here’s Why You Should Never Mention Kraft Dinner

Last week while browsing on facebook I saw a comment about Kraft Dinner.  I don’t recall the exact words now but it was something along the lines of “This is all my daughter will eat”.  How very sad I thought, then I just felt angry.

Why any parent would give their child Kraft Dinner is beyond my understanding.  A parent would not purposely give their child poison because it’s harmful.  Yet, parents give their children extremely unhealthy food that essentially poisons them all the time.  Kraft dinner is an example of one of these poisons.

I know a single father who regularly gives his son this crap food that is devoid of nutrients on a regular basis.  According to this single dad, his son doesn’t want to eat anything else and he needs to eat, so he gives him what he will eat. What lame justification.

So your kid doesn’t want to eat anything else.  Go ahead and provide that box of highly processed wheat with powdered cheese.  It’s only full of harmful chemical ingredients that can cause asthma, hives, ADHD, and to put the icing on the cake, possibly cancer.

Your child will love it because the box of chemicals is very tasty and it has that extra special blood sugar level spiking effect that all children find irresistible.   You know the one that contributes to deadening dopamine receptors in the brain leading to the need for more sugar and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. All good stuff, right?

Deconstructing a Box of Kraft Dinner

What the hell is in that powdered cheese that makes the macaroni have that special orange glow? Do the cows produce orange milk?

At Walmart in Canada, you can buy a box of Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese for CAD $1.47.  Very cheap, but how much nutrition do you think you can get in a box for $1.47?

let’s take a look….

Kraft Dinner Ingredients

Enriched Pasta – This is pasta made from white flour which is made from refined grain.  The grain is so refined that most of its vitamins and minerals have been removed during processing leaving it devoid of any significant nutritional value.  It’s “enriched” because by law food manufacturers are required to add back some of the vitamin Bs.

Colour – Colour is listed as an ingredient twice.  This is not surprising since something has to give it that unnatural glowing orange hue. Tartrazine is specified as a component of one of the colours.   Tartrazine (FD&C yellow no 5), which is derived from coal tar, is known as one of the most harmful food colouring substances.  It causes allergic reactions such as asthma and urticaria (hives) and it could also be carcinogenic.  It is also linked to ADHD, tumors and thyroid problems.

Flavour – The ingredient list does not break down what this flavour is made of. Is it natural flavour or is it synthetic flavour made up of a bunch of chemicals that they call “flavour”…..we’ll never know.

For $1.47 you get a box of processed wheat and powdered cheese…


Kraft Dinner Nutrition Facts

The serving size shown is per 1/4 box (56g), which when prepared is about a 3/4 cup.  Is this really a typical serving size?  I would bet money it isn’t.  The typical serving size is probably at least 1/2 the pack.

At 1/2 a pack we have to double the values, therefore for 480 calories you get:

  • Fat – 4 g (2 g saturated)
  • Cholesterol – 10 mg
  • Sodium – 820 mg
  • Carbohydrate – 80 g (Fibre – 2 g, Sugar – 14 g/3.5 tsp)
  • Protein – 14 g

Sodium – The RDA for sodium is 2400 mg.  You get a whopping 34% for just 1/2 a pack and you’re not done eating for the day.

Sugar – A typical serving of Kraft Dinner will provide approximately 3.5 teaspoons of sugar.  Each teaspoon of sugar lowers immunity by 40% for 6 hours.  The more sugar added increases the duration that your immune system is compromised.

Protein – A typical serving of Kraft Dinner provides about 14 g of protein. That’s not too bad but a lot of it is from the powdered cheese so not too great either.


Calcium – I often hear that calcium is one of the benefits of eating a Kraft Dinner.  That chart above does show 92 mg of calcium, but it also shows 265mg of phosphorous.  Calcium and phosphorous compete for absorption and with that amount of phosphorous it is very unlikely any of that calcium will be absorbed.

What’s the alternative….

The alternative is to provide a healthy meal. One that will deliver nutrients, not poison. Your kid may refuse to eat it at first but inevitably when the hunger sets in he/she will eat the healthy meal if it’s the only thing available to eat so make it the only option.

What is the point of feeding your children something that has no nutritional value and is potentially harmful to their health?

If you don’t buy it, they can”t eat it.

If they ask you for it, say no.  You are the adult, not them.

When they rant and rave about it, too bad.  they will eventually settle down because they’ll get tired and bored of ranting and raving if you don’t respond.

If you actually care about your child’s’ health give them food that is not harmful.  Feed them quality, not junk.  Kraft Dinners are pure junk.

Before I move on, I want to thank my parents for not giving me this crap to eat as a kid.  Thank you for providing me with food that actually nourished my body.  I really appreciate not being poisoned….over and over again.


A quick meal found in a cheap box of chemicals does not provide any real nutritional value. What it does provide is more harm than good. Cheap, convenient and “my kid won’t eat anything else”  are ridiculous attempts at justification. Giving into a child’s demands for something that is harmful makes you the bad person.


Live healthy, be happy!

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