Do you know your eggs?


Never underestimate the power of the all-mighty egg

They are small but when it comes to nutritional value eggs should not be underestimated.  Eggs are relatively inexpensive giving you a  big bang for your buck, they can be prepared in a variety of ways, even eaten raw and they are delicious (not so much the raw ones but the cooked ones taste great). Just one or two eggs a day is a great addition to a healthful diet.

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In Our Toxic Lives Ignorance Truly Is Bliss


We live in a toxic world and the more I learn about this is the more I feel I don’t want to know.  In our toxic lives ignorance truly is bliss. Yet at the same time, I cannot help but dig deeper and deeper. We harm not only ourselves but our planet and leave behind a trail of blind carelessness never thinking about what is to come. I feel ashamed that I’ve been and continue to play a part in it.

Whenever I speak to people about the harm we are doing to our own bodies and the environment the responses are usually very blasé. Continue reading “In Our Toxic Lives Ignorance Truly Is Bliss”

My Hair Products Are Poisoning Me

Warming for Toxic Chemicals in Hair Products

For an assignment, I was tasked with evaluating the ingredients in some of the products I use regularly. The winning category of products I chose is haircare. My hair is not an easy thing to manage; think giant ball of frizz. It takes a lot of different products to tame the roaring ball of frizz that is my hair.  Now I always look for hair products that are sulfate free, paraben free and phosphate free because I know these substances damage hair and can have harmful effects on health, but in doing the assignment I quickly learned that isn’t enough.  In short, my hair products might be poisoning me.  Continue reading “My Hair Products Are Poisoning Me”

This No-Fuss Meal Prep Guide Will Help You Save Loads of Time

No-Fuss Meal Prep

My meal prep for the lunches I take to work do not look super pretty like some of the fancy schmancy meal prep pics I’ve seen online but it works great anyway. Pretty is nice, but efficient wins for me every time. After all, the point is to save time right!

Meal prep can be easy and it does not need to take hours.  In this article I am going to outline what I do for the lunches I take to work for a week.  You’ll learn how to meal prep like a pro and save tons of time.

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