Lose it.


Remove it.


Improve it.

Stop the overwhelm, stop wasting time and get on the health solution that delivers the way you are expected to deliver

Sound familiar? 

I’ve had a long day, it’s been busy, stressful, I feel wired, tired, hungry.

I don’t want to think

I know I need to make healthy food choices, but my brain doesn’t want to think about yet another thing, so I opt for easy. Yes yes I know easy isn’t usually the best choice for my health, but it’s EASY and right now I need easy.

I have no time and healthy takes time

Why does this always have to be so damn difficult?

All I want is something that works without me having to stress about how it works!

I can’t handle more stress right now

or maybe it sounds something like this… 

I want to lose weight and I’ve tried many times. Sometimes it worked…for a while, but it never lasts. I backslide and then I feel bad. I guess I just don’t have enough willpower to make it last!

It’s my fault, I’m not strong enough

Some diets worked really well for a while and even though I didn’t backslide everything just stopped…I hit the plateau. Arrrggghhh…it was working, why isn’t it working now???

I just want to feel good about myself again

It feels good to look good, but it feels even better to feel good.

Now imagine…

being able to finally take control of your health, of how your body feels, looks…performs.

feeling empowered and in full control.

being in the drivers seat, knowing exactly where you need to go and how you’re going to get there, not for the short-term this time, but for the long haul.

not only knowing your health matters but having access to the right tool at the right time to actually do something about it.

finally finding the solution that works with you instead of you trying desperately to find a way to work with it.

getting the results you need and you didn’t even have to go through ALL the stressful stuff…the endless reading, researching, wondering if this is right for me moments…I mean am I even doing what I’m doing right in the first place?  


 Hi, I’m Suelen Sukhram

Certified Holistic Nutritionist


I believe if you live healthy you’ll feel good, live more and be happy. Yes, that simple and 100% doable.  

Happiness is a few things: it’s different for everyone, it’s not always easy to attain, and most importantly it is a choice. 

We all want to find and hold on to it because happy feels good, but we don’t always know how to get to happy and we’re not always willing to make the changes to be happy…you have a choice.

This is where I come in to help. 

You see most people jump right into the fire with making changes. Sometimes the changes make a difference but often the results don’t last and things return to the way they were and may be even worse than they were. 

Figuring out what’s right for you is difficult because your needs change over time. Your body will respond differently to some of the things that worked in the past.

No it doesn’t mean something is wrong with your body. It means you are normal. 

My job is to figure out what the best thing is for you right now and give you all the tools you need to get to your Happy.

So let’s get started!


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what will I do for you that you’ve struggled with doing on your own

…how will I help you to get those lasting improvements you’ve been aiming for

…how is using my methodology going to help you!

This is you:

You are busy.

In your work you are expected to deliver, to get the job done with no fuss and no fluff.

There is no time for complaints and mistakes.

You were hired to provide solutions and get results.

You expect nothing less from something you’ve invested your time, your energy and your money in.

You are expected to deliver results in your job and you expect to get results from my job.

This is me:

➤ My job is helping you make the changes you need to make to improve your health so you can get your “Happy”.

My job is to meet your expectations.


We decide together which programs are best for you based on where you are at right now because your journey to a healthier happier you has to start with what you need now

Honest Results!

This is a no B.S approach to helping you make the changes you need to feel good, live more and be happy.

The results you will see and feel won’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking for a quick fix my system isn’t for you.

It won’t be painful. In fact it will likely be easier than you expect, but it needs your commitment and time to get lasting results.

Conventional Medical Approach or Functional Nutrition?

Know the difference!

What is the medical conventional approach?

Doctors are awesome. I’ve come across some great docs in my lifetime…some not so great ones too, but let’s be honest, they do life saving work! So for acute care, awesome!

My only issue with the conventional doctor is the system! The system rests heavily on the “treat the symptom” approach to get you out the door fast. Functional nutrition rests heavily on the “addressing root cause” approach. The conventional approach to health focuses on band-aiding symptoms because it favours fast turnover rates, i.e. see as many patients as you can in a day because there are so many to see (and so much money to make?)!

In my opinion the conventional system is too reactive when it really should be proactive. It seems to prefer waiting until something is broken instead of ensuring plans are in place to stops things from breaking. When I’ve reached to the point of “broken” and critical care is required, I want a medical doctor pronto, but I’d just rather not wait for that to happen.

The conventional system also seems to support the “single-system” health intervention. But your body has a number of systems that affect each other. It is multifaceted and complicated as hell because your body functions are dependent not just on “body” functions but your entire ecosystem – body, mind, brain, energy, environment.  

Functional Nutrition

There is no standard mold. 

Sees you as a unique individual with nuances to your symptoms and how they’re affecting how your body, brain and mind is functioning. 

Considers all systems in your body and how one system affects others.

 Focuses on finding the underlying causes of your symptoms. No band-aids.

 Applies methodology that has been proven to get results. No gimmicks. No fads. Simple lifestyle modifications that work for you.

 Works with you to develop and make lifestyle modifications that are manageable to improve your health.

Knows that for you to have success the system must be manageable not painful.

✽ Focuses on all the things… 

 ♦ Diet  Movement  Emotions & Emotional Connections ♦ Environment

Get on your Happy path!

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